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This folder has been hidden, you can view it by going to Folder and View then choose Show Hidden Files. A: It is actually a folder. The extension indicates it is a text file, and a Mac will show a file with extension as a folder. To view the contents, right click on it, and choose "Open With -> Text Editor". If the text is in a programming language, it should probably be in file. Q: Get set of records and write a response in XML I am using salesforce DX and would like to convert this flow in DX: Load a set of records Update the records that are not complete Persist the records that are now complete Load a new set of records Update the records that are now complete Persist the records that are now complete Continue the process This is the DX flow: So what I'd like to do is to create a DX flow that has a step to get a set of records, and write a response. How can I do it? A: Probably the easiest way to get a collection of records and write a response is using the Metadata API. The Salesforce DX version is similar: Q: Typescript - Unexpected token : (10:10) I am trying to use service-worker with typescript. I am using this tutorial as a reference I am able to get the service worker and store it in local storage. I am able to use it when I navigate to the URL localhost:3000/#/. But when I try to use the response from getNotification function and display it in template, I am getting error: getNotification() at NotificationList.html:7:11 caused an exception: Unexpected token : Here's the code that I tried: export class NotificationList extends Component { constructor(props) {

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